Content is king, and you need great equipment to capture great content.

Twitchy Films provides a full range of video and photo-shoot production service and support. We’re skilled in adapting our resources to projects requiring alternative production approaches, delivering top quality videos for every budget.

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  • We do this because we believe in it. We're passionate
    about everything we create.
    David Solbjørg - Founder

  • Featured Project

    Seasick Steve – HELL

    From the album Keepin' The Horse Between Me And The Ground

    • Location: Oslo, Norway
    • Year Completed: 2016
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  • Featured Project

    Pieces of Juno - Your Mouth Is A Dragon

    Director - Kristine Meling
    DOP / Mastering - Twithcyfilms

    • Location: Oslo, Norway
    • Year Completed: 2016
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Borknagar - Whiter Thrice

Music video

Rendezvous Point - Para

Music video

Leprous - The Price

Music video



Back in 2009, just as the first DSLR cameras with video recording started to show up two relatively young creative souls saw their opportunity to create films.

Now, several years later we’ve expanded – instead of DSLR we use RED 8K cameras, we’re not two, we’re three. We still live to create, we still live in Oslo and we still have stories to tell!

  • Working with David and Kjetil of Twitchy Films has been nothing short of a great experience, every time anew. They have a great professional understanding of fantastic footage and impressive atmospheric shots, which helps the artists and their music shine in the best possible light. Highly recommended team! Leif Jensen / Century Media Records & InsideOutMusic

  • TwichtyFilms did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of epic Viking folk band VINTERSORG. The video for VINTERSORG - Lågornas rov turned out to be a true masterpiece. We could not be happier! Sebastian Muench A/R / Product Manager Napalm Records

  • We're very happy to be working with Twitchy Films also this time, and they've done an impeccable job creating an atmospheric and artistic music video. Einar Solberg, Leprous


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